Never Let Go – 13.11.16


People will go.
People will run.
You only have yourself.

But the ones that see past your mistakes will find a way to stay.

Things will go right,
things will go wrong.
Relationships aren’t a bed of roses, the wind will come along and blow petals away, sometimes whole flowers will blow away with the breeze, stem and all.

I love you and will forever and always, but for now we both have to hold strong and hope one day we find a way back to each other.

I will miss you ❤


Touch? – 28.10.16


Touch me
Feel me
Squeeze me
Hug me
Kiss me
Hold me.

We all want that physical touch once in a while, sometimes we want it more than we can realize. Others crave touch from people more than some human beings, but at some point we all crave it. It can be our first time, or hundredth millionth time, we still crave it somewhere within us. That physical touch from a certain person can feel good, can hurt, or feel abnormal, but somehow we need it. It makes us feel alive, it makes us feel real, and it makes us content. We try to hide away from what we truly want, as it may frighten somebody else, but it can be your most inner, strongest desire within despite this fact.

Some shire away from touch, some find it weird and uncomfortable, however they sooner or later find out how good and wonderful it can feel. But we must be strong sometimes and fight the emotional want that our body so badly wants. Receiving and giving touch to the wrong person can become a whirlwind of destruct, and damage you. Too much touch with the one you are attached to can create conflict and annoyance, too much touch can reverse the process, resulting in the other running away.

Have control of your physical and emotional want, and be strong, because it is within you, you were born with strength and resistance it is how you were created.

You have the power within you.
Hold onto that.

True Love. – 25.08.16

True Love.jpg

Love is powerful.
Love is pure.
Love is kind.
Love is new.

What a peculiar thing.

How do you know the difference between attraction, desire, lust and love?

How do you know how to distinguish what is going on inside of you?

Falling in love is a new experience for all, and is new every time it takes place. It’s a feeling that one recognizes deep down within the soul. It’s not something a person can hide or cover up, it’s not something that can be forgotten, and it’s not something that will disappear.

My love for him stems from the root of my heart, from the root if my soul.

My love for him grows each day.
Every day is a new challenge, however love can be true as long as I see the heart of my significant other, and hold onto who my man is. Things can be ruff sometimes, things get harder before they get easier, but that battle is what you as one need to figure out. Love is a two way street, and others take more time that some, but that does not mean that one does not want to pursue.

My love for him puts a smile on my face every morning, The touch of his skin throws shivers throughout my body, his voice delights me and completely exhilarates me. I will hold onto this feeling forever. I will never forget him, I will never give up on the thought of what we could be.

He is different to the others, he has qualities and characteristics that I have not seen in other men. You have a heart that is purer than the shining star in the sky. You outshine those stars in fact, you brighten my dark sky, and bring me back to sanity where i can feel safe and happy.

His is different to the others.

The Piece Missing-, – 19.06.16

The piece missing

Fathers day isn’t always what it may seem.
Happy pictures plastered over your Instagram feed,
videos of children running into their daddy’s arms,
content with the company of the man they call ‘dad’.

Things aren’t always that pretty.
Behind various closed doors are the cries of a broken hearted woman or man, girl or boy,
Hurting from the pain, the loss.
Loss of the man that does or should mean so much to one person.

Buried in that room is a spiral of sadness, pain and sorrow, eating away on the same day every year.
No person can say they are completely okay without a Father,

I certainly can’t.

Perception -11.04.16


The people of our world.

The good, the bad, the young, the old, why do we always analyse?

Our human nature tells us to hold our guard up, and watch our surroundings, but if you analyse with a good heart, you will always see the incredible rather than the masks people try to apply.

The eye is deceptive, and will see what the brain perceives our surroundings to be, but take a closer look and zoom into the characters that surround you, and you will see the beauty our society does hold.

A simple white man on the train offering some chocolate to a young black child. An old black man helping a fellow elderly white man through a spinning door, rapidly increasing its pace due to the younger teens trying to have some fun.

Racism is decreasing, age discrimination is decreasing, showing us there is understanding and harmony within our world if we look close enough.

Flight EZY7442 – 08.04.16

Flight EZY7442

You never think the time will come.
For you to be hurt by someone so close.

You hold on tight through the years, crying, screaming, even struggling to breathe through the bundles of sh*t that flows around you.

But it all gets too much eventually,
The bundles of hay continue to fly across the field, so fast that people do not notice what is causing that hurricane of distress, pain and suffering.

The one person that should bring you up, and feel as proud as they can because you are making something of your life, turns out to be the one that mocks you , pulls you down, and uses everything they can to rip you apart inside.

Hear my cry,
don’t ignore it,
don’t cover it up,
and certainly don’t complain.

As this is me.
And this is my story.
And i will be okay,
because i am me.

People come,
people go,
but i will grow stronger with or without you.

My King – 15.03.16

MY King

You’re my guardian angel.
You’re my king.
Talk to you the way you should be spoken to.
Treat you the way you should be treated.
That’s the concept I follow.

I might struggle sometimes, but i care to much to not apologize from the bottom of my heart.
It’s not a lot of effort for me to do so, as it flows out of mt heart as quickly as my mind comprehends what it is i actually feel.

The time it takes to love, is the time it takes to realize how quickly you naturally, adapt and how fast your life starts to change.

Being around that spirit becomes the norm.
Even when others don’t see it working, you see what they do not.
You see the hope and the glory, you see the faith that will last through the storm.

My concept towards Jesus.
My concept towards You.